Luxury Anti-Aging Facials

Valmont Firmness Lifting

80 min ₩230,000
얼굴의 부종을 가라앉히고 라인을 잡아주며 주름 예방과 피부에 탄력을 주는 테라피

This facial is designed to dramatically reduce fine lines, wrinkles and swelling while tightening facial contour.

Anti-Aging Facial

120 min ₩375,000 (With Back)
140 min ₩435,000 (With Full Body)
발몽의 콜라겐과 집중적인 리프팅 테크닉이 접목되어 얼굴윤곽을 매끄럽게 해주고 피부에 탄력과 유연함을 얻게 해주는 테라피

This facial, using a 100% pure Swiss VALMONT collagen mask, is designed to turn back the clock on aging, using powerful anti-aging ingredients and specialized lifting massage techniques to improve elasticity and facial contour.

Civasan Regenerating

80 min ₩210,000
140 min ₩355,000 (With Full Body)
안티에이징, 탄력, 강력보습. 피부 깊은 곳의 침투를 돕는 PTD기술의 단백질과 영양성분이 피부의 탄력, 재생을 부여해 줄 뿐 아니라, 잔주름 개선과 노폐물의 제거를 돕는 테라피

Anti-ageing, Ultra-firming, Super-hydration. Define the ageing process with this quintessential regenerating facial therapy. Signs of aging dissolve as nutritional cells and proteins through PTD method are gently massaged into the skin improving tone and elasticity